Difficulty Throwing Things Away

Most junk haulers never know how their day will begin. When a call comes in, it may be quick and easy, or it may be so complex that you have to pay attention to every detail. In today’s economy, consumers have so much disposable income, which makes the hauling job a process of sorting the keepers from the throwaway. When you walk in a home, you may notice one load of junk, but after careful examination, you find it’s apparently two. Some junk removers may look at this as a pattern when entering some one’s home. The owner frequently walks you from room to room undecided on what additional things they want to be hauled out. Most junk hauler, try to be patient with their customers. They know some have a strong emotional tie to their belonging.

Where to Depose Junk

As the slogan goes, “the customer is always right.” In the junk removal business that quote would be better in capital letters. When the customers ask, where will you be taking my garbage? The standard reply is the city landfill. The city facilities are usually the most convenient place to depose of a large truckload of some one’s unwanted items. Most professional prefer taking their loads to the landfill, but the customer may rephrase the question by asking, will you be taking my things to a local charity. We always know there are emotion and memories to consider when this issue is sub guessed; so showing sensitivity is a must in the junk hauling business. After pausing for a moment, they may respond by saying yes, we will take the load to one of the local charities. After the job ends, it is best to make a special return trip and give the homeowner a receipt.


How to Approach Hoarders

Junk hauling is a job of surprises; to walk in someone home and see piles of items reaching the ceiling can quickly make you lose your composure. Not the reaction you want to send to your customer. When you walk into the owner’s home, you want to give the impression that you’ve seen everything before. The customer does not want the workers to appear judgmental and make the owner comfortable in their own home while the process is going on. The junk remover should do their job quickly and professionally and never laugh or embarrass the homeowner. Not the type of approach my guys and I try to make, but every job is not the same.

One summer day we received a call to go to a very nice neighborhood in our area. When we walked into the home, it was like many jobs. We were then escorted from a room and told what was to be taken out. As we neared completion, one of the homeowners asked if we would come to one of the back room and example the contents. The owner began pushing the door with his shoulder. I look closely to see what was in the way. As the door became removed from the entrance, I look up and could not believe my eyes. There were items to the very top of the ceiling, book, games, boxes, and toys. The owner then asked me to walk with him to the back of the room. I looked around, and he asked, is this too much. I looked at him and said, I guess not, I knew of nothing else to say. As we walked out the room, I said, these are classic items. Why don’t you sell them on eBay? He looked at me with a smile and said, we thought about it.


Should You Give Your Things Away

Occasionally homeowners are confused about what to do with their junk. They are not sure if they should have it hauled away to a landfill or should they give it to charity. One of my customers asked, would you like to take this with you. It was not something, which I needed, so I had to refuse. She then said should I give it to one of my friends. I had to be very honest with her. I responded, if this is not something you like, your friend may not want it.