Bathroom Odor Causes

The search for the annoying odor.

Most real estate agents will tell you, the two most important rooms in the house are, the bathroom and the kitchen. When homeowners are seeking to purchase the ideal property, every detail matters when viewing these two rooms. Often smells in the bathroom may overwhelm the house. In any home, bathroom smell may be difficult to locate. I have always thought, if you are not sure of the offensive odor, it may be better to take a slow walk around your bathroom and do a smell test. It is always good to remember; the number one odor offenders are the toilet bowl, sewer system, and caulk.

Sewer Odors

When I walk into my bathroom seeking the smell of negative odors, I don’t think of the sewer system. The sewer is an odor, which may be forgotten by some homeowners. When you walk into your bathroom keep in mind, annoying odors can surface in a room use often by all members of the family.

If you look below the bottom of your sink, you will notice a trap called a U shape pipe or J shape tube. This system maintains water at the lower part of the elbow. If the pipe is backed up, you will smell a strong odor of accumulated debris. When the line is clear, this may correct the problem.
After correcting the problem in your plumbing system, every possible consideration should be addressed. The structure of your system may have deteriorated over time causing rust or cracks. These problems may cause drips and further massive drains of water.

Toilet Bowl

It is amazing to walk in your bathroom and smell an odor and come to the conclusion it is the toilet. Every week you do your best to make sure this is the one system, which is clean correctly. After doing everything to pinpoint the problem, you decide to call your plumber to diagnosis the issue. The plumber then walks in and admittedly notices what is wrong. He looks at you and says it’s the wax ring around the base of your toilet. In a given day, you may never hear someone speak of the word wax ring. The wax ring is at the bottom of the bathroom, which fits around the exit holes of the toilet and rests on the flange. At this point, the wax ring needs to be clean or replaced. If you have never performed this type of plumbing repair, it may be better to call a plumber to correct this problem.

Bath Room caulk

When it is bathroom-cleaning day, it is best to expect any unusual odor. To correct any smell in the bathroom, the homeowner may consider examining their caulking area. Caulking is the application between the tub and shower. This process is done to prevent leaks and reduce mildew. Caulking is a construction chemical made of one or more bases, latex, silicone, polymers, polyurethane or rubber. They’re several reasons why bathroom caulking should be removed before deterioration.

Mold spores surface on the bathroom caulking. This issue is noticeable in the dark areas of the home. The homeowner may not be aware of such problems until the spores have accumulated. When searching for mold, do not neglect the dark areas and corners of the bathroom. Black mold can develop and create health problems. When cleaning and removing caulk, it’s best not to smell the mold. It is better to use latex gloves and take every precaution when performing this job. There are so many reasons why you should remove or clean bathroom caulk. When this area is dark and aged, ants may harbor in the deposits.

Bathroom Carpet

When entering your bathroom, your carpet may be the first thing you notice. After months of wet feet and twist and turns, the carpet may develop cuts and base cracks. The owner may also expect mold odor.

Bathroom Floor

Have you ever wondered why some hotels bathrooms are so clean? My family and I recently visited a quality hotel and were surprised how well maintained the bathroom looked. Hotel housekeepers have created a style and technique, which may be uncommon in their industry. I recently spoke to one such maid at a hotel in Washington D.C., and it became apparent, there are secrets most of us may not know. Hotel housekeepers are subject to a grading curve. If the bathroom floor is not up to management standards, the maid may use a cloth and whip the floor with their hands or feet. This process can enhance the brightness of the floor. It is also a common practice to examine the corners of the floor. Dark mold can develop in a way, which may not be detected by the human eye. There are so many ways to approach moping the floor; one such technique may be to pour one gallon of water in a bucket and add vinegar to the solution. After a few minutes, the vinegar will evaporate from the floor.