Make Money Hauling Junk in a Small Town

The new age of junk haulers.

Junk removal is a job which takes strategy. Most haulers know they must study their market and find what works. When the driver purchases their first truck, there must be a rush to recoup expenses. The owner will soon understand if you are not making money your spending money. When you purchase your truck, fees will suddenly appear, maintenance, tags, and government expense. You will then understand you are in business. These costs are expected in major cities but making your business succeed in a smaller market takes on a different strategy. In a small town, a junk remover must connect with as many of his neighbors as possible. The hauler must try to be in contact with family, friends, and business that share their image of a clean town and a junk removers image of quality service.

Know Your Neighborhood

In major cities, there may be many junk haulers racing to obtain a foothold in their market. These large cities are very competitive, if the owner has a strong business plan, they should stick to what has brought cash flow. The process of hauling junk in a small town or city can be very different. The owner should create a bond with their community and make them aware that they are in business. It also may be a good idea to drive around your area and submit professional flyers and business cards to those maintaining their lawn or dropping junk by their curbside.

Understand Your Area Laws

It is important to know; not all jurisdictions operate in the same manner. When you are ready to start your junk removal business, examine your truck’s size and weight, then compare it to your area highway requirements. If you own one of the waste hauling dump trucks and your vehicle is overweight on your areas roadways, you may receive a ticket. If you are new to the junk hauling business, these may be some issues to consider when beginning hauling. It is important to know, very few small operations will tell you the importance of doing this job correctly. If you wish to gain success in junk hauling, study the laws of your area.

There are other things the hauler should find a concern.
Maintain area permits. Commercial vehicles can be approach at any location on the road. Check tires pressure regularly. It can be difficult changing a tire with a heavy load. The owner should also maintain a quality roadside assistance account.

Market Your Area Regularly

Living in a small town has its advantages. If you have enough customers, you may consider choosing some as spokespeople. Find the right time to approach your best clients and tell them you will pay a bonus if they direct their friends and neighbors to your service. It is always a good idea when you have customers who understand your vision. Word of mouth may still be one of the best ways to increase your companies revenue. If you monitor the internet you may discover several sites which will get the word out about your small business; one such website is This is a website which gives the account holder information on their neighbor, block parties, car breaking, and hearing. Once you get started, you may find a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Put A Sign On Your Truck

Having a sign on a truck is something some junk haulers find time not to do. At some point, the owner should put his or her name on the vehicle to identify themselves from the crowd. When the hauler enters a neighborhood and begins removing items from homes, window shades begin to open. Residents of a community always want to know what is happening on their street. If you start with your neighbors, it would be an excellent time to let them know who you are ready for business.